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About Us

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We are a dynamic team

of experienced professionals dedicated to empowering both organizations and candidates worldwide. With a diverse background spanning talent acquisition, diversity, equity, and inclusion, client management, marketing, sales, employee relations, and coaching and mentoring, we bring a wealth of expertise to every interaction. We want you to succeed, weather you have hiring needs or you are looking for your professional path, your passion, or the next step in your career.

We work 24/7 since we can accommodate to your geographical area and time zone, having professional experience in very different markets such as the Americas, the Caribbean, EMEA & APAC. We also cover several languages and market expertise. We collaborate with you no matter where you are in the Globe!

Founder & CEO

Lorena Gregorovich

I own 17 years of talent acquisition and development expertise, spanning coaching, mentoring, and multilingual capabilities. With a degree in recruitment and vocational orientation and a track record of success across diverse industries, I am committed to empowering individuals and organizations worldwide to create the team of their dreams, and the career path of your life. This is my mission. Our vision. Let’s make it happen!